The CA-700 portable Coffee Caffeine/Chlorogenic Acid (CGA) Analyzer is an accurate instrumentfor measuring the caffeine and CGA of coffee with its advanced mobility, accuracy, easy-to-operate feature, you can get the Caffeine and CGA value displayed on your smart phone app within 1 minute.

CA-700 Specific Features
One-click quick measurement
Premix reagent
Result in 1 minute
Bluetooth connection for iOS/Android app
Reading Range:Caffeine 10 – 500 mg/dL
Reading Range:CGA 10 – 500 mg/dL
Working Hour:2 – 3 continuous working hour per full charge
Sampling Size:0.1 ml

CA-700 Documents Download

CA-700 English User Manual

CA-700 中文使用者手冊

CA-700 App

iOS: Search “Coffee Analyzer” on App Store
Android: Search “Coffee Analyzer” on Google Play
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