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Coffee Roaster Analyzer CM-100

SCAA Standard-Compliant


CM-100, the BEST portable coffee roast analyzer, is a high accuracy and stable meter which helps you to classify roasting degree or the delta between whole bean and ground to get better understanding of the roasting curve and roasting result for better quality control.

CM-100 has following advantages: supports quick mearurement key, high accuracy measurement result, long battery working hours ( up to 6 hours of continuous use), easy to carry, easy to store and good quality.

It's Highly recommended to have a CM-100 to coffee roasting vendors, coffee shop owners or home roasters.

CM-100 Specific Features

  • A near infrared photometer tells the caramelization from the coffee beans or ground.
  • High accuracy
  • Short warming up time
  • Quick measurement key
  • Support using while charging
  • Support Auto-power off setting
  • Stores up to 100 measurement results
  • Both SCAA scale and general name are available
  • Self-calibration

CM-100 Documents Download

CM-100 LogTool Download